IMDA Graduates

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Jaimes Mayhew

Jaimes Mayhew is interested in the political, social, cultural, and psychogeographic structures that affect everyday lives through investigations that are informed by theories of relational aesthetics, the everyday and the mundane. Jaimes is particularly concerned with how these themes relate to ideas of preparedness, affect, resonance and memory. For any given project, the medium Jaimes works in will range from walking tours, to video and performance art, to PowerPoint lectures. Jaimes is a collaborative artist who has worked with large groups such as The Institute for Infinitely Small Things in Boston, to his current Baltimore-based collaborative projects: Services United and reflect/respond/react. To date, Jaimes has participated in This Is Not a Gateway (London), The Conflux Festival (Brooklyn) and the Baltimore Bioneers Conference, among others. He has also curated several diy events including the Pedestrian Service Exquisite at the Transmodern Festival in Baltimore of Spring '08.