MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts

The MFA Program in Imaging and Digital Arts strives to provide graduate students with a laboratory environment equipped with relevant and engaging media tools to empower them to generate evolutionary artistic solutions. IMDA students have access to updated facilities and methodologies for making art and to courses in art history and theory that reflect current critical discourse.

Hear faculty talk about the IMDA program and thesis students talk about their experience in the IMDA program. We recorded short interviews with IMDA students, alumni and faculty.

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The IMDA course of study offers students an interdisciplinary approach to new methods of image making that enables them to develop technical skills and intellectual flexibility by incorporating:

  • Computer art
  • Video
  • Cinematic Arts
  • Photography
  • Installation
  • Interactive and hybrid forms of display
  • Art theory and criticism

IMDA students work toward gaining greater technical proficiency and conceptual understanding of several media and equip themselves to dissolve the limits of any one specialized field or method. The MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts is committed to investigating conceptual and technical transformations in the visual arts within the broader context of the history of art. Such exploration and experimentation pose new conceptual challenges that are central to the student's course of study.

The M.F.A. IMDA Program, a full-time, three-year course of study, is open to a limited number of applicants so lab facilities will be available to them. For more information about the course work, see Course of Study.