IMDA Graduates

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Leonidas Dezes

Leonidas Dezes is an artist interested in exploring musical performance with interactive visuals, animation, video, and audio composition/production/recording. He plans to continue his work with Max/MSP/Jitter and the Arduino, while also working in other visual and auditory mediums. Some of his recent work examines corruption in social structures dealing with themes such as greed, truth, apathy, justice, corporate power, and equality.

A graduate of Stetson University, Leo has recently completed his undergraduate senior thesis/concept album Deep Into The Blue, which examines the immersive nature of environments, and the various people and places that shape one's life. While at Stetson, he was part of the professor/student collective Mobile Performance Group (MPG), designed the Touchstone annual literary magazine and website, and wrote and recorded two albums. He received 2nd Place in The Festival of the Moving Image 2009, had work featured in Stetson's Juried Art Exhibition and Touchstone, and performed with MPG at the 2010 Intermedia Festival in Indianapolis.

Leo is currently a graduate assistant at commonvision, working with the iNet animation team.