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'92 Alumnus
Programmed Our Website

Jason Rosenberg, Art History & Theory '92 Programmed the Visual Arts Website
Saturday, March 29th, 2008 //

Jason Rosenberg is an independent Web site designer and Web systems programmer who specializes in bringing these two disciplines together to create fully functioning and dynamic Web sites for his clients. His command of Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, ASP, PHP, and Javascript, in addition to the entire Adobe Creative Suite, allows him to meet the demands and expectations of his clients. Jason works with a wide range of businesses that include neighborhood boutiques and multi-national corporations. Having graduated during the early years of the Internet, when Web design was not included in the curriculum, Jason has continually educated himself in the standards of Web programming.

Jason is currently an adjunct faculty member at UMBC teaching Web Interface Design. Recently, he taught a Flash for Beginners seminar at MICA. Jason graduated from UMBC in 1992, with a Bachelor's Degree in art history.

When I transitioned from print-based design to Web site design, I quickly saw the potential of the Internet, as both a content delivery tool and as a platform to generate innovative designs. As a Web designer, I began to work with Web programmers, and as we collaborated on projects I could see the benefit of a single individual who could approach a project simultaneously from both a design and a programming perspective. Successful design provides more than just a visual experience, it contributes the ability to take ideas and a message and deliver them in a cohesive and understandable manner. This viewpoint has driven me over the last 15 years to adopt new skills in order to generate Web sites that provide the visitor with an organized and stimulating experience. A Web site should not only be visually interesting, but should also function effectively and allow the Web site owner to offer their content and deliver it in the most concise and succinct manner. The process to deliver a successful Web site is ever-changing and this challenge drives me every day.

I have reached a point in my professional life that allows me to give back. I often provide my services to those who I see as providing a positive service to society and to the Earth. Helping these institutions that benefit the greater good of the community and the greater world we live in is not only a privilege, it is a responsibility. Educating others completes this approach. Through teaching, I am able to foster ideas and stimulate the next generation of Web designers. I hope to encourage their exploration, so that they too will think, feel, and approach design from a viewpoint that emphasizes how design impacts all of us.