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Megapolis Audio Festival
Timothy Nohe, IMDA MFA students and Alumni At Audio Arts Fest
Sunday, May 16th, 2010 //
2640 Space, 2640 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21228

The Megapolis Audio Festival and 2640 Space are pleased to announce 2640 Move/Music, an interdisciplinary evening organized by Timothy Nohe featuring dance, electro-acoustic music, real-time animation and video projection.

Choreographers, musicians, and artists are responding in the round to the unique features and acoustics of an 110 year-old church located in Baltimore's Charles Village. The dancers will work with live video cameras and projection, body extensions, light environments, and extended techniques in modern and tap movement. The musicians will employ architectural elements within the church, extended vocal techniques, laptops, wine glasses, saxophone, ebow guitar, wavetable synthesis, zither, bowed percussion, toys, and waterphone.

Featured Choreographers: Renee Brozic Barger, Meghan Flanigan and Clarinda Mac Low, Carol Hess, Francesca Jandasek, Stephanie Yezek

Music by J.S. Bach, Audrey Chen, Tiffany DeFoe, Luca Marini, Timothy Nohe, Catherine Pancake, and Shelly Purdy

Realtime Animation: Nicole Shiflet

The event is included in the Megapolis Festival Weekend Pass, general admission is also available at $10 to the public, $8 to students and seniors.

Documentation: 2640 Move/Music