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Mark Durant
Curated Exhibition

notes on monumentality at the Baltimore Museum of Art
Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 //

Photography professor Mark Alice Durant curated the exhibit
notes on monumentality; installed at the Baltimore Museum of Art's experimental project space, Front Room, the exhibit reconsiders historic and comtemporary conceptions of the monument and monumentaltity through the presentation of photographs, prints, drawings, paintings, video and sculpture.

Traditionally monuments have served to mark significant historic events, represent heroic figures, or symbolize universal ideals. Magnitude, grandeur, stability, and solemnity are common characteristics of the monument. Our cities are sprinkled with figures carved from marble or forged in bronze whose relevance has faded in the public's memory. To whom do the monuments of the past now speak? Can the idea of the monument continue in an era when social consensus no longer exists? Front Room: Notes on Monumentality reflects on these questions, along with the monument as an art form, by considering historical monuments and more recent conceptions.