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Feature Story About UMBC Gaming
Bmore online magazine interviews UMBC faculty
Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 //

Professor Neal McDonald, Visual Arts, and Professor Marc Olano, Computer Science, and UMBC students are featured in a bmore media video on UMBC game development.

The Games program at UMBC is a unique collaboration between artists and computer scientists. Video games are more popular than ever and graduates from UMBC are finding careers in the field.

The video game industry may not be Maryland's equivalent of film in Los Angeles or country music in Nashville, but it is a force. Companies such as Zynga, Firaxis, Big Huge Games, and Day 1 Studios are all based here and are responsible for some of the industry's most interesting titles. We're also lucky to have a robust gaming program at UMBC, where students on the creative and technical ends of the game creation process learn side-by-side how to conceptualize and create the games of tomorrow.