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Dominique Zeltzman Photo & Sculpture Exhibition
Saturday, September 10th, 2011 // 6 - 8 PM
244 S Highland Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224

An installation celebrating the color, composition, and rhythm of domestic waste: the offal of daily meals; desiccated mummies of forgotten produce; and years of laundry, in lint, hair, and skin. Photographs and sculpture by Dominique Zeltzman will be in an exhibition in September. Dominique is currently pursuing an MFA in IMDA.

Dominique Zeltzman's interest in mapping everyday moments through photography, sculpture and installation, evolved from mapping everyday movements through choreography and video. Inspired by life's residue, her current project, Detritustrata explores ways we mark time in our tides of garbage, piles of laundry, and dirty dishes. Opening Reception at Schiavone Fine Art Gallery on September 10th from 6 - 8 PM, the images capture the color and composition found in the offal of daily meals.