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Timothy Nohe Sound Art Exhibitions
Nohe Participating in International Projects
Friday, September 23rd, 2011 //

Timothy Nohe is participating in an international sound project, Locus Sonus, a live audio streaming consortium based in France. He streams a live audio feed from an office window ledge in the Fine Arts building at UMBC, using a binaural microphone array implanted in the ears of a decoy owl. A google sound map graphically shows the locations of other such sound feeds located all around the world, at

Another exhibition is City Sonic in Mons, Belgium:

City Sonic is a course of sound installations which spreads in six locations in the downtown area of Mons (BAM, Maison Madness, Machine with Water, Salle Saint-Georges, Mediatheque and site of the old Slaughterhouses). Installation and creations of international artists such as Hans Peter Kuhn (Al), David Renggli (CH), Jim Shaw (the USA), Saadane Afif (Fr), Yvat Collective (Ro), and French nationals such as Francois Martig, Locus Sonus, Gauthier Keyaerts.

Coming at the end of September, there will be a new Locus Sonus installation in Brussels:
Festival Todaysart - MyCityLab, International Festival Beyond Art in Gare du Midi, Brussels, Belgium
September 28 - October 2, 2011

MyCityLab: It is a user-driven innovation network which brings together artists, technologists, philosophers and citizens to investigate on how particularly social, locative and mobile network infrastructure and mobile devices can contribute to new ways of travelling through the city, dealing with locations and people.