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Tim Nohe NEA Grant
My Station North: Sounds Surrounding Us
Monday, November 14th, 2011 //
Station North District, Baltimore, MD

Station North: Photo by Eddie Winter

Professor Tim Nohe's sound project, My Station North has been funded with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Project - Creative Placemaking grant, selected and disbursed by the Station North Arts & Entertainment District. This is the first time these grants have been issued by the Station North Arts & Entertainment District, and we are very pleased to be included in the inaugural round of funding.

This winter and spring Tim will work collaboratively with children at Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School, their teacher, Ms. Meg Fink, and IMDA MFA graduate student Charlotte Keniston to document the Station North neighborhood through sound. Students working with an easy to use audio recorder will sample the sounds and stories of their neighborhood and school, which is located at 1600 Guilford Avenue in Station North. Once the sounds have been gathered, Prof. Nohe will edit, mix and master a surround sound work for installation at the North Avenue Market in June 2012. The project will be a partnership with the Baltimore SoundscapeProject and Locus Sonus, a streaming audio project based in France.

This project will bring positive attention to the neighborhood, its vibrant arts community, the historic North Avenue Market, and the outstanding charter school in the heart of Station North - Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School. Connections in our community will be heard through focused listening: to what we hear all around, to the music of the street, to the people working to revitalize homes and businesses, to our creative workers, and to the stories of elders and children. The installation will bring us together to listen, carefully, to this vibrant city neighborhood.