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Shana Palmer CD Release
New CD on Ehse Records
Friday, January 27th, 2012 //

IMDA MFA student Beverly Shana Palmer, and Melissa Moore have released a new CD. The duo, known as Chiromagica, published a CD with EHSE records, entitled Secret Secrets.

Review by Bobby Power
Secret Secrets could easily be lumped into faulted experimentalism and lackluster improvisation but eschews self-centered tendencies of similar acts.Chiromagica, the Baltimore duo of Shana Palmer on sampler/pedals/vocals/electronics and Melissa Moore on guitar/drums makes it clear that there's a sense of purpose, direction, and focus in these recordings. Opening track Lunar Storm starts off quietly, almost politely with a ragged take on the gradual build of stream-of-conscious vocals before turning on its heels for minimal no wave/noise with an incredible amount of force. It's a sound you've probably heard a hundred other bands do, but never this captivating and refreshing. The second half of the extended track Lying in the Ladies Bane is a storm of tribal drumming, overwhelming static hums, and otherwordly vocals much Isobel Sollenberger with an effects pad and an extra dose of whatever Bardo Ponds been on all these years. The band shows a completely different side of itself with Take to the River, an acoustic-psych track with a heavy dose of Angels of Light-esque ambiance and mood. Possibly taking vocal cues and pacing from Throbbing Gristle's Discipline, An Honest Descent; is a slow, repetitive dirge of howling vocal attack and minimal noise. Closing track Threshold Consciousness furthers the classic TG-cum-drumkit vibe with an all-encompassing wall of throbbing bass and howled vocals, giving the scene a real world-ending sound. You can't deny that Chiromagica's got the no wave intensity and spaced out vibes down, and it's kind of perfect.

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