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Command Z Group Exhibition
Lisa Moren Curates Command Z at CADVC
Thursday, March 29th, 2012 // 5 - 7 PM
CADVC, UMBC Fine Arts Building

The Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture presents Command Z: Artists Working with Phenomena and Technology, curated by Lisa Moren, on display from March 29 through April 28. Command Z features 6 installations by 3 artists and 1 artist team: Ingrid Bachmann (Montreal), Paul DeMarinis (San Francisco), Nina Katchadourian (New York), and the artist team of Emile Morin and Jocelyn Robert (Quebec City). A digital/acoustic grand piano (Yamaha Disklavier), a Bunsen burner, bronzed popcorn, a birdcage, 54 leather shoes, 8 worn suitcases, and a traditional theater-style popcorn maker all informed by a technological code or phenomena will be on display.

These artists explore the long trajectory of communication technologies, how they are framed within a material form, and how social practices are framed around them. By building unique digital and physical behaviors, without the use of screens, the works on display bring the virtual and material realms into one gesture. Watch letters fall like rain playing a piano, hear what popcorn is saying, find shoes automatically tapping or stomping, peek inside suitcases, and listen to sounds from the moon in pitch-blackness.

Adjunct programming includes original compositions for the Yamaha Disklavier, an acoustic and digital grand piano performed live; and kinetic sculpture on display by Baltimore City public school students. We extend special thanks to Jordan Kitts Music for their support.