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New BFA Degree in Design
New degree option for designers.
Monday, March 21st, 2016 //

UMBC's Department of Visual Arts announces a new degree program, the BFA in Design. Students who intend to become practicing designers and/or pursue graduate studies in design-related disciplines should enroll in this 72-credit program.

The BFA in Design places emphasis on the conception, planning and creation of visual solutions across a broad spectrum of applications to solve complex communication problems that exist in contemporary culture. Its curriculum provides students with the education necessary to integrate an understanding of context and audience as they develop strategies that give form to fresh and imaginative graphic ideas that inform, interpret, instruct or persuade across a broad spectrum of environments ranging from printed work and interactive screen-based communications, to the built environment.

Degree applicants must be admitted to both UMBC and the Department of Visual Arts. Admission to the Department of Visual Arts is through portfolio review. Information about the portfolio review is located here:

Students who wish to declare the BFA in Design as a major and who have achieved the portfolio milestone must also pass the design gateway, Art 331: Graphic Design 1 with a B or better, and its co-requisite, Art 332, Design & Technology 1 before continuing on in the program.

The Department of Visual Arts encourages potential transfer students to use Artsys ( in advance of applying. Artsys outlines the articulation system for transferring courses from one Maryland university or college to another, credit/grade transfer acceptance policies, course pre-requisites and degree requirements.