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Kelley Bell Receives Rauschenberg Foundation Grant
Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 //,0,6355854.story

Professor Kelley Bell Selected by School 33 Arts Center for Artistic Innovation And Collaboration Grant From Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.

Assistant Professor Kelley Bell and 3 other artists are recipients of a $100,000 Artistic Innovation And Collaboration Grant from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. Kelley and a team of three other Baltimore artists (Melissa Webb, Linda DePalma and Brendan Hughes) will be collaborating with Baltimore Arts center School 33 to revitalize the exterior of the center's historic schoolhouse in Federal Hill, focusing on making unused outdoor space suitable for public use and exhibitions, as well as solutions to elevate the visual profile of the building in the community.

Focusing on an abandoned lot next to the facility, the team will re-purpose the 1,900 square foot area into a mixed use community garden, public sculpture work and performance space. As a designer, Kelley will be specifically joining the group sharing expertise in projection and lighting, as well as experience in exterior branding and signage solutions and fabrication.