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Tim Nohe in Clifton Park Exhibition
Clifton Park Works
Thursday, April 25th, 2013 //
Civic Works at Clifton Park 2701 St. Lo Drive 21213 Baltimore, MD

Professor Tim Nohe's sound art, Clifton '68, is included in the new exhibition, Clifton Park Works, which is on display at the park until Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Clifton Park Works features new work to engage visitors with fascinating, yet largely forgotten history. Three regional artists, Tim Nohe, Ji Sun Beak from New York, and Rebecca Gilbert from Philadelphia, will create outdoor installations that highlight pieces of Clifton Park's vast history.

Clifton '68 retells the history of the insurrection that followed the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Thursday, April 4, 1968. On Saturday the 6th arson and unrest rose up in Baltimore, and by Sunday the 7th Maryland National Guard soldiers were deployed. On that same day Governor Spiro Agnew requested federal troops to reinforce firefighters, police and Guard units. Task Force Baltimore soldiers were directed to patrol the streets with fixed bayonets, but with no bullets chambered in their weapons. Federal troops were camped at Clifton Park, and other green spaces in the city.

The songs in Clifton '68 recall this grievous period in Baltimore's history, from multiple viewpoints and with deeply felt empathy.

Music composed and recorded by Timothy Nohe
The music revisits period music genres, and also employs contemporary classical and electronic approaches to give voice to forces moving through the riots. Visitors to the park can use a QR code or URL to listen to the music on location via iPhone or Android.

Christina Animashaun: alto
Daphne Benichot: viola
Justin Mann: trumpet, tenor
Jeffrey Mensah: tenor, counter tenor
Timothy Nohe: baritone, organ, electric guitar, loop sequencing, electronics
Shelly Purdy: friction percussion
Diane Schaming: mezzo