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Alumna A. Moon IMDA '99 Wins Fulbright
Fulbright Scholar Research Award to Turkey
Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 //

IMDA '99 Alumna, A. Moon, received a Fulbright Scholar Research Award to Turkey for academic year 2014 - 2015.

With the support of a Fulbright research award, A. Moon will examine the intersections between contemporary film production in Turkey and practices in the Asian American filmmaking community, in which she has been an exhibiting artist for almost 20 years. Her research will have two identifiable outcomes, motivated by a need for more open dialogue and cultural exchange, specifically within the area of film, between the U.S. and Turkey: (1) she will organize a screening of work by contemporary Asian American media artists to present in Turkey; and (2) she will curate a program of work by Turkish media artists to screen at venues in the United States.

A cross-cultural study of Turkish and Asian American film presents the opportunity to examine many topical issues in the field of media studies including global/national identities, cultural memory, and hybridity. Just as Turkey is often described as occupying a peculiar geographic and cultural space that is ...neither Eastern, nor Western but both and neither simultaneously... (Arslan, 2011), Asian Americans occupy a similarly interstitial position culturally and racially in contemporary America (Kim, 1993).

A. Moon is the Director of Summer Session and Special Programs at the Academic Outreach and Engagement Division at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD.