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Christine Ferrera IMDA '10 Book Release
Starbux Diary 10th Anniversary
Saturday, February 14th, 2015 // 9 PM
The Crown | 1910 N. Charles St. 2nd Floor | Baltimore!performances/c1l1j

Christine Ferrera, IMDA '10 alumna, has published a book from a selection of her long-term art project, Starbux Diaries. There will be a release party for the book, and an evening of performance art, at The Crown lounge and restaurant. Another IMDA MFA alum, Lexie Mountain '14 will also perform a 'roast' of the author! Congratulations to Christine!

From the event announcement:

Please join us to celebrate to auspicious debut of...


Artist and comedian, Christine Ferrera will host a book release event featuring live music and performance the newly published account of her 10-year correspondence, via customer comment cards, with the ubiquitous Seattle-based coffee chain.

The night will feature a robust blend of coffee-inspired performances by:

BEN CAPPUCCIN O'BRIEN! (Wham City/Adult Swim contributor)

The Coffee Beans (a.k.a. local theater artists) DAN HANRAHAN & TEMPLE CROCKER!

(Spoken-word Powerhouse) OLU BUTTERFLY!

A Friar's Club-style roast of the featured author by LEXIE MOUNTAIN! (City Paper Humor Columnist/Funny lady)

CHRISTINE FERRERA will present a performance based upon the book STARBUX DIARY!!

Starbux Diary: My 10-year Journey to Caffeinated Enlightenment, ...began in 2005 at a Starbucks store when Ferrera noticed the customer feedback cards read, We'd love to hear your thoughts... Taking their invitation literally, each day since she has jotted down her ideas about life, love and art on a card and mailed the original to Starbucks Customer Relations. Sometimes, Starbucks writes back. February 14th, 2015 marks - to the day - the 10th anniversary of Ferrera's uniquely humorous take on endurance art.

A selection of diary entries, drawings and actuarial tables, this book commemorates the 10th anniversary of Ferrera's uniquely humorous take on endurance art.