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Shelly Kuzniarek '99 Award by Print Magazine
Top 10 Finest Letterpress Studios In The World
Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 //

Alumna Shelly Kuzniarek, '99 Visual Arts, was honored by Print magazine as one of top 10 world's finest letterpress studios for her Rochester-based company, French Press. The artist specializes in high-end wedding and special occasions invitations. Shelly taught at the visual arts department for a few years, and she later earned a MFA in Design at Virginia Commonwealth University.

French Press was founded by graphic designer Shelly Kuzniarek in 2006. With a diverse background in both printmaking and design, it was natural Shelly gravitated towards letterpress. With clients ranging from corporate big-wigs to brides-to-be, Shelly takes pride in treating each job as a new experience. French Press specializes in letterpress wedding invitations, custom wedding invitations, and letterpress stationery.

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