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Cyndi Amerman Photo Alumna
Getty Images Favorite Images for 2016
Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 //

Alumna Cyndi Amerman's (now Monaghan) photo of a cat sleeping in a skillet was named as a favorite of Getty Image's creative directors. The photo is shown on the page linked above, it is the 3rd one from the bottom. One of her photos was also featured briefly on the TV Show, Comedy Central's Daily Show. Congratulations Cyndi!

Beth Wachtel-Lipke
Creative Content Manager, New York

I love this image because it is deceptively simple but says so much about comfort, adaptability, relaxation, and safety; it also works as a ready-made meme with a bit of naivety and unfiltered humor. The color palette and patterns of the tablecloth and the cat's swirling tabby fur are also quite soothing. I immediately smiled when I saw this image and I know from the photographer that Bear here saw the new cast iron skillet sitting on the kitchen table and promptly curled up to take a long nap. She didn't adjust him or alter the scene in any way and like most cats, he acts like he owns the whole house.