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Josh Sinn Photo '13
Secrets Lingering in the Shadows of Baltimore
Thursday, January 12th, 2017 //

Josh Sinn, photography alumni '13, is featured for his nighttime photography in Baltimore City and surrounding areas. In the January '17 edition of feature shoot, there are 10 of Josh's Edward Hopper-esque photos taken in and around Baltimore City. Josh prefers to shoot photos at night, using a medium-format film camera. Congratulations to Josh. The entire article may be viewed at the web link above.

Baltimore photographer Josh Sinn makes pictures inspired by music. It can be a tune that's stuck in his head or a song that comes on the car radio as the drives through the city on a cold winter evening. When asked why he shoots after dark, the artist responds with a line from Nappy Brown and Ray Charles: Night time is the right time.