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Viviana Cordova Article on The Conversation
Some of the best designed products of all time
Friday, March 17th, 2017 //

The Conversation, an online academic journal, queried five design professors and posed the following question: What's the best-designed product of all time, and why? Their answers included articles about the paper clip, the airport seating systems by Charles Eames, and the dial telephone. The article has garnered over 42,000 views and has been re-published in Scientific American, Salon, and the Christian Science Monitor

Carla Viviana Coleman, assistant professor of design, contributed a piece on the Microsoft HoloLens virtual reality glasses. The HoloLens allows users to interact with a 3D digital world and simultaneously see what's around them in the real world. In order to operate the interface, users can make hand gestures, talk or simply gaze. The versatile glasses have been used in training doctors, designing new car models, and assist elevator repair technicians.

The complete article is available online:
From the mundane to the divine, some of the best-designed products of all time