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Eric Dyer at Light City
Baltimore Sun Article
Friday, April 7th, 2017 //
Light City // Baltimore Inner Harbor

Behind the scenes look at "Shabamanetica" -- a Light City art piece from Baltimore Sun's The Darkroom on Vimeo.

Professor Eric Dyer has an installation of his zoetrope art at Baltimore's Light City. His piece, entitled Shabamanetica, uses a strobe light, and refers to Shangai, Baltimore, Panama, and kinetics, referring to a conceptual linkage between these areas and umbrellas, and the motion of the sculpture. At one time, Baltimore was the leading manufacturing area in the world.

Eric worked over 3 months with fabricators and electronics engineers to make this large sculptural, cinematic artwork. It is on view at the Inner Harbor during the Light City event.

The Baltimore Sun has a feature article about the artwork, as linked above

Grab one of the spokes of Eric Dyer's giant wheel and give it a good spin, like you're playing Wheel of Fortune. Watch in awe as the images on the flat circle come to life before your very eyes, rows and rows of animated umbrellas move side to side and pop out at the viewer. The piece, on view by the Inner Harbor as part of Light City, pays homage to Baltimore's lost manufacturing industry, incorporating images of real umbrellas made in factories here.