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Fred Worden Films
Fred Worden films in international film fests
Thursday, January 29th, 2009 //

Fred Worden, assistant professor in film/video has some important showings this month. During the 2009 Rotterdam International Film Festival, two of Fred's experimental films wll be shown, When Worlds Collude, and 1859; the latter film was also awarded the Jury's Choice - 1st Prize in the 28th annual Black Maria Film and Video Festival, at the New Jersey City University.

When Worlds Collude; an experimental film structured as a kind of specialized playground in which highly representational images are freed from their duties. The images run free in their new lightness, making unforeseeable, promiscuous connections with each other and developing an inexplicable, non-parsable plot line that runs along with all the urgency of any good thriller.

LSD is illegal, 1859 is not.