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Fall '08 Registration
Advising & Registration
Thursday, March 27th, 2008 //

Early registration for Fall 2008 begins Monday, April 14.

The Registrar will assign your registration eligibility date based on the number of credits you have earned; the more credits you have, the earlier your assigned time. You will find your assigned time on the "Academic Information" page of your MyUMBC account.

PRIOR to your assigned time, you will need to obtain advising clearance AND permission for classes (listed in the schedule with the "permreq" notation). The Fall schedule will be available on-line by Friday, March 28.

Advising Clearance:

Prior to your posted registration eligibility date, you will need to meet with your assigned academic advisor to review your course selection and obtain advising clearance. Please note that if you were assigned to me last semester, you may have been reassigned to a faculty member in your emphasis. Please check the list before you sign up.

You will find your assigned advisor on the list (posted outside of FA 108A for anyone who cannot open the attachment). Information listed in BOLD ITALICS indicates a discrepancy between what is listed here and what is listed on your official UMBC transcript. Please see me to obtain paperwork to correct any errors. An asterisk next to your advisor's name indicates that this is a new advisor for you.

Most advisors will post sign-up sheets on their office doors by April 7. Faculty contact information (office location, email, phone extension) is posted outside FA108A. Contact info is also available on the department web site: If you have questions about when your advisor will be available for advising, please contact him/her directly.

Permission for classes:
In addition to advising clearance, you will need to obtain instructor permission for all "permreq" courses you plan to take. Envelopes for "permreq" classes will be posted in FA108 by Monday, April 7. Each envelope will list:

1) the pre-requisite courses (which you should check/underline/highlight on the transcript you deposit) and
2) the person who reviews the deposited transcripts and clears students to register for the class. Please make a note of the person granting clearance so that you will know who to contact with questions.

Let me know if you have general questions about the advising and registration process. Feel free to post your question to the list and/or to email me directly at:

Melanie Berry
Undergraduate Program Director