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Andy Hsu & Sean Lake Win Tellys
Andy Hsu & Sean Lake Win Multiple Tellys
Monday, April 27th, 2009 //

IMDA Graduate Student Andy Hsu and undergraduate alumni Sean Lake (B.A. 2008) won multiple Tellys at the 30th Annual Telly Awards. Andy and Sean both received a Silver Telly in Student Produced Film and two Bronze Tellys in Cinematography and Use of High Definition for their collaborative short film Is It Just Me. Andy additionally received a Bronze Telly in Use of Special Effects for his experimental short Revolve Around Me.

Is It Just Me was produced by a collaborative effort with the guidance of professors John Sturgeon and Kelley Bell. The short film is a representation of a mental walk, a surreal observation of an environment from ones mind, investigating our obsession of self-learning through curiosity. The act of learning is metaphorically compared to the pursuit and engagement of unraveling a piece of tangled string, untangling and processing the chaos of foreign information into manageable and understandable knowledge.

Revolve Around Me is a montage of various forms of natural and artificial repetition - everyday occurrences that are usually ignored or unappreciated, from leaves waving to the rhythmic breeze, to the very steps we take when we walk. The final piece was projected onto a canvas panel and was installed for the annual Halloween Project at the WestNorth Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland.

Judged by top industry professionals, the Telly Awards honor the very best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions. Entries are judged on various aspects of merit - those who demonstrate distinction receive bronze awards while entrants who demonstrate excellence receive the silver, the highest honor. Both shorts are accessible on the web in 720p HD;

Is It Just Me
Revolve Around Me