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Fulbright Winner Tim Nohe
Research in Australia
Monday, March 31st, 2008 //

Tim Nohe, Associate Professor, received a 2007 Fulbright Senior Scholar Award from the Australia-America Fulbright Commission for research through the University of Wollongong, where he also taught two sound-art courses.

Nohe recorded sounds from the city of Botany Bay, Sydney Airport, and the Botany Bay National Park, and edited and composed those sounds to create Sounding Botany Bay, which explores the sonic environment of one of Australia's richest cultural and natural attractions. His research produced what he describes as an immersive, surround-sound experience of Botany Bay.

His audio-documentary explored the human use of the Bay, from the first human settlement to the present. His research goal was to shape the rich voices and sounds of Botany Bay into an aural landscape that will heighten and contrast what is, and has been, so that Australians may experience the past and contemporary complexity of this meeting place.

Professor Nohe commented about his experience: By living in a new place, a new culture, I have questioned my own practices as an artist and my identity as an American. I have also been introduced to a broad and very mature group of artists and musicians producing electro-acoustic music, microtonal tunings, and alternative radio broadcasts.

Nohe has received three Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist awards. He serves as a board member and composer for the Baltimore performance art group Fluid Movement. His other works have appeared locally and in international venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and the Inter-Society of Electronic Arts, Paris.