1. How do I subscribe to the visart listserv?
please visit for subscription information and a listing of lists.

2. What is a mailing list (listserv)?
A mailing list is a discussion area for special topics or interest groups implemented through electronic mail. A mailing list has subscribers who receive every message sent to the list. Mailing lists can be used for announcements, discussions, class topics, or anything else that can be sent through e-mail.

3. Who is on this mailing list and why?
The visart listserv at UMBC is open to all undergraduates, graduates, faculty and staff in the Department of Visual Arts. The list is open to discussion of any topic which would be of interest to the artists working at UMBC. This includes, but is not limited to:

-aesthetic discussion
-technical questions
-upcoming events at UMBC and in Baltimore
-University issues

4. What if I don't want to be part of this listserv?
If you are reading this before you subscribe, the obvious answer is "Don't subscribe." If you receive this message after you have subscribed and later decide that you are getting too much email in your box, then follow the directions below to un-subscribe.

To unsubscribe:
If you ever want to remove yourself from the visart mailing list, or any other UMBC mailing list, visit UMBC's Subscriber Management page at and click the link, "Unsubscribe." You will be required to log in with your UMBC ID and password before viewing or editing your subscription preferences.

5. Legal things:
Don't post anything to the list that would be against UMBC policy. See: Campus Policies

PLEASE do not post questions on how the listserv works TO the listserv. Technical questions about the listserv are answered at the Mailing Lists Help Page.

7. DETAILED REPLY and SEND Information:
When you receive email, you can tell if it is a message to YOU or to everyone on the listserv. If it is to everyone on the listserv, the "To:" address will read:

(This means that the message was sent to the listserv.)

Any mail sent to the address: <> will be sent to EVERYONE on the VISART LISTSERV.

If you reply to messages sent to the mailing list <> it goes out to everyone on the mailing list.

An example:
In the message illustrated below, you have the option of replying to: <> or <>. If you respond to <>, it goes to THAT PERSON ONLY - If you use the Reply-To: <> the message goes to everyone on the mailing list.