The University requires that all students be advised each semester before registering for classes. When students are advised, they receive electronic clearance from their academic advisor. This clearance allows students to register at their scheduled registration time, assigned by the Registrar’s Office.

Art classes are often listed in the schedule with a "permreq" notation, which means that students will need an additional clearance before they can register for the course. Instructions for obtaining clearance is posted in FA108 and to the student listserv during the advising period each semester. Only visual arts majors who have completed pre-requisite courses will be granted permission to register during advance registration. Obtaining permission does not guarantee placement in the course, which may fill prior to a student’s scheduled registration time. Students who have completed pre-requisites, but are not declared visual arts majors must attend the first class to see if they can add.

If another division (student accounts, health services, etc.) blocks registration, students will need to contact that division directly to have that block cleared. However, students should NOT delay academic advising and clearance for classes.