Transfer Credits

All transfer credit is evaluated first by the UMBC Registrar’s Office to determine;

  • - what courses will transfer
  • - how transfer courses apply toward UMBC GEP requirements
  • - which transfer courses have a specific UMBC equivalent

UMBC and all other University of Maryland system colleges have made Articulation agreements for deciding which coursework can be counted towards a degree. The official USM Artsys Articulation System provides all articulation information, including course equivalencies, transcripts evaluations and recommended transfer programs.

The Transfer Credit list, available to students on MyUMBC, may include a "CD" notation next to a course title. CD indicates that a course description is needed to determine how a transfer course might apply toward UMBC requirements. Once the Registrar’s Office receives the official course descriptions, they are forwarded to specific departments for evaluation.

  • Studio course work evaluated on the basis on a course description generally transfers as art elective credit. Students who wish to apply transferred art elective credit toward a specific UMBC course must meet with a UMBC instructor of that required course to review relevant work.

If it is determined that the course has a UMBC studio equivalent, the evaluating faculty will notify the program director in writing and the student file will be updated.