Animation/Interactive Media

Animation/Interactive Media calls upon the theories and artistic practices of animation, cinema, motion graphics, games and technology. Students in this concentration study animation and interactive media through a combination of traditional media and digital tools. In-class critiques of personal work and investigation of the history of animation and interactive art are emphasized for the development of a framework from which students can begin their path as animators and interactive artists. Advanced level courses in animation incorporate technically intensive experiences in 3-D computer animation and digital compositing, as well as explorations of emerging practices including real-time applications and interactive animation.

Interactivity courses address critical and aesthetic issues across a variety of forms including internet art, games, simulators, and immersive environments. A thorough preparation in interactive techniques, including scripting, opens students to a deeper understanding of interaction design principles and aesthetics, taking them beyond "point and click" and "gaming" paradigms of interaction, and encouraging the exploration of interactivity as a complex field of exchange between artist:audience, creator:participant, organism:machine, body:space and self:other.

Throughout the Animation/Interactive Media program of study, students are encouraged and expected to develop their own artistic voice through exploration of the media and critical review of their work. Students completing the concentration have the opportunity to produce a fully developed work at the culmination of the program, either individually or as part of a team.