Cinematic Arts

The cinematic arts concentration provides students with the conceptual framework, historical context and technical skills necessary for the production of narrative, documentary or experimental projects in a fine-arts environment. In this emphasis, Cinema is treated as an artistic media — ideas are considered as important as technique. As an integrated production-based curriculum, the concentration provides study of film/video history, criticism & theory and the scriptwriting-proposal process, in tandem with a range of digital production and post-production tools that form the foundation for personal creative student work.

Arroy: The Thai Food Cart, 2015, a film by graphic design major Hannah Korangkool

Arroy: The Thai Food Cart documents street vendors and market spaces in the central region of Thailand. Cuisine is a complex, multi-faceted feature of Thai culture and goes far beyond the Western perception of “Thai Food.” This video documentation captures food being prepared, sold, packaged, displayed, and eaten by both residents and tourists. The tourist perspective contrasts greatly with Thai natives’ communal rituals, traditional dishes, and religious practice. The visual “leitmotifs” highlight various actions done by hands, such as exchanging currency and goods, cooking, handling utensils, offerings into alms bowls, etc. The resulting film demonstrates the cultural significance of Thai cuisine as a communal medium for the people of Thailand.

This work was funded, in part, through an Undergraduate Research Award from the UMBC Office of Undergraduate Education.

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