Cinematic Arts FAQ

What can I do with a Concentration in Cinematic Arts?

Career prospects for graduates of UMBC’s Cinematic Arts concentration with skills in digital video production have never been brighter. The media landscape in the Baltimore/Washington D. C. region is evolving at an explosive rate, and digital video content is at the heart of that growth. In addition to the traditional entertainment and TV news industries, the Internet, cable, video gaming and satellite industries all will require a steady flow of engaging digital video content. The Internet is already buzzing with small startup companies developing new business models for both the production and distribution of original digital video. Coincidentally, the emergence of new delivery technologies such as the video iPod and video cell phones will lead to exciting new possibilities for creators of short-form video programming. The result is that all major Internet providers are planning to move towards an increased use of digital video to drive their future growth plans. Even the most unlikely private sector businesses are increasingly turning to digital video for a myriad of innovative applications.

To succeed in this rapidly evolving landscape, job seekers will need more than technical proficiency with tools and technologies. They will need the creative skills that have always counted: the ability to engage an audience with effective content, the ability to tell a story, the ability to see opportunities that no one else sees. A combination of creative problem solving skills and technical proficiency forms the backbone of a UMBC Cinematic Arts concentration education. Many of the most exciting and important industries of the last twenty-five years have been started by young people who had a love of new technologies and found a way to turn them into transformative companies. Google, U-Tube, and MySpace are just the most recent examples. Interested in such a future for yourself? Come see what the UMBC Cinematic Arts curriculum can do for you. To schedule a visit, contact the fine arts office at 410-455-2150.

Q: Is the cinematic arts curriculum implementing any of the new High Definition production technologies?

A: Yes, we have recently acquired three Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 Camcorders kits and we have HD post-production facilities to support them.