Graphic Design

What can I do with a degree in Graphic Design?
Graphic design involves using words and images to visually communicate ideas. There are many career options available in all areas of the creative field. See some of these sites for further information;

Why study design at UMBC?
The graphic design emphasis area seeks to develop an internationally renowned program for aspiring designers and related practitioners. Our area seeks to achieve this goal through excellence in teaching, research, and practice and through relationships with institutions, industries, and technologies associated with the discipline of design.

As design faculty, we share a fundamental belief that the design process is central to the development of culture by way of combining and ordering various elements of the arts, humanities and sciences. As designers, we bring our insight, expertise, and myriad thinking styles to the world community. We create a visual language of signifier and symbol that evolves from oral traditions, the printed page, and from electronic moving images.

As educators, our purpose is to extend the application of design beyond professional practice. Researching the design process and developing tools for learning graphic literacy expand our discourse, sharpen our skills, and broaden our knowledge base for sharing with students.

UMBC’s design faculty are committed to:

  • 1. Providing students with the highest quality education within a university environment in design practices that encompass both two and three dimensions and organizational systems that take place over space and time

  • 2. Preparing students for professional practice as social investigators in a changing world that demands life-long, active learning, self-direction, and teamwork

  • 3. Conducting and fostering student-led, interdisciplinary research that discovers and applies new knowledge that occurs at the intersection of people, information and technology

  • 4. Equipping students with the skills set that can be used to improve the quality of life within a rapidly evolving society