Photography Facilities

The photography facilities include 40 enlarging stations in group and individual darkrooms with access to a 42" B+W processor and 42" RA4 color processor, along with traditional tray processing. Four enlargers are set up for making mural prints for either processor. Jobo tube processors are available for processing large format negatives and color film.

The photography lighting studio is fully equipped with both tungsten and strobe lighting units and features an overhead rail support grid and motorized background lifts. The photography cage has equipment available for checkout, including over 30 digital and film cameras in a variety of formats. Portable tungsten and strobe lighting kits, meters and tripods are also available.

The photography area digital facilities feature Macintosh computers with flatbed scanners and dedicated film scanners capable of scanning up to from 35mm to 4x5 inch film sizes. For digital output, students have access to Epson 4800 printers using K3 Ultrachrome inks with one dedicated to Matte Black ink. For larger work, Epson 9600 and 9800 printers are available. Output to a 8K-film recorder in 35mm or 4x5 inch is also possible.