Art by Skif+++

Visiting Artists & Designers


Jeff Carey (laptop SuperCollider) and Robert van Heumen (laptop LiSa) are the electronic backbone of the electroacoustic sextet OfficeR that brings structured improvisation in a very unique way. As SKIF they work with similar structures, ranging from sonic bursts to melodic melancholy, using joysticks and self-made controllers to keep it all in line (most of the time). SKIF++ is the collaboration of SKIF and Bas van Koolwijk's (laptop Max/MSP/Jitter) processing of the SKIF-sound into video and back again to audio. Playing music in many contexts, as a computer musician, electro-acoustic composer and improviser, Jeff Carey's music ranges many aspects of computer music from non real-time acousmatic composition, electro-acoustic composition, to improvisation and performs in a number of units such as Office-R(6), USA/USB, the acclaimed feedback project 87 Central, and N-Collective related projects. Electronic musician Robert van Heumen is using STEIM's live sampling software LiSa with all kinds of controllers (some have called them sexy). He is active as a member of the electro-acoustic sextet OfficeR, part of the N Collective, and has shared the stage with Michel Waisvisz, Jeff Carey, Oguz Buyukberber, Anne LaBerge, Guy Harries, Daniel Schorno, Roddy Schrock and Nate Wooley. His soundworld is a mixture of environmental sounds, toys, voices, sounds from kitchen appliances, half of the time smashed beyond repair. He is the SampleMan of SKIF++. The video of Bas van Koolwijk can be seen as an aggressive attack on the illusion of video itself. Through a rigorous and formalistic approach, Van Koolwijk exposes the face of the machine which lives behind the often-placating veil of the televised image.