Stephanie Barber artwork

Visiting Artists & Designers

Stephanie Barber
Thursday, October 30

Stephanie Barber is an artist whose work is a prolific Baltimore-based filmmaker and artist Stephanie Barber will be presenting a diverse selection of films including Flower, The Boy, Total Power dead dead dead; and Letters and Notes as well as three new videosincluding Dwarfs the Sea which premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival earlier this year. She has been featured insolo shows at the Anthology Film Archives, Chicago Filmmakers, SanFrancisco Cinematheque and the Museum of Modern Art's Cineprobe seriesamong other venues. She has established herself over the past decade as an imaginative filmmaker, winning awards and acclaim at festivals and venues all over the world. Her chapbook 'poems' was published by Bronze Skull Press in 2006 and her book and dvd collection these here separated to see how they standing alone by Stephanie Barber was published this year by Publishing Genius Press. Barber will discuss her films throughout the presentation.

4 pm, Fine Arts Screening Room. Admission is free.