Hugh Pocock artwork

Visiting Artists & Designers

Hugh Pocock
Tuesday, November 18

Hugh Pocock is an artist whose work primarily deals with materials such as water, salt and air. He incorporates esthetics derived from ecological dynamics and uses metaphors of industrial labor. These large-scale projects have taken him 10 miles from the Los Angeles coast, in order to make salt for the Santa Monica Museum of Art, to drilling into an 18th century library buried by US forces in Frankfurt Germany. He also drilled a well in the sculpture garden of the Baltimore Museum of Art for their Work Ethic exhibition in 2003. He is a full-time faculty member at MICA where he has developed and implemented courses on Climate Change and Sustainability. In his lecture at UMBC, Hugh Pocock will share his ideas on the relationship between art, sculpture and sustainability. This talk will be an examination of the crisis of climate change and the problems and opportunities it presents as seen through the lens of a contemporary art practice.

4 pm, AOK Library. Admission is free.