Animation Portfolio

This page contains best practices for assembling a portfolio for the Animation concentration. Utilize the suggestions on this page, as well as the ‘general best practices’ listed on the main portfolio application page, to compile your best work into your portfolio.

Many applicants will include projects completed in art and design courses at their high school or community college in their portfolios. If your educational background lacked animation-focused courses or opportunities, don’t let the absence of animation-specific work discourage you from applying to the Animation concentration. Chances are, if you’re applying to the Animation concentration at UMBC, you are already creating animation-centered personal work of your own.


Animation Specific Best Practices

  • Submit work that represents a future direction that you might take with animation.
  • Work based on observation of the world around you is encouraged.
  • If you submit fan art, please only submit one or two pieces, and in the artwork description, tell us how what you created expands upon the intellectual property that inspired your artwork. We strongly encourage minimal submissions of this nature.
  • Short, refined video and animations excerpts are better than messy, long ones. Please try to keep videos under 3 minutes.

If you are uncertain if your creative work is suitable for application into the Visual Arts Department, take pictures of your work (photos will your cell phone will do) and send them to our Undergraduate Program coordinator, Kelley Yang (