Student Profiles

SAMUAL BUETTNER :  2018 Department of Visual Arts Award for Excellence in Graphic Design

A former Linehan Artist Scholar, I work mostly in print design. I also dabble in illustration, animation, and music recording. Currently I work as a graphic designer in the Baltimore area.


NWADIUTO VALENTINA ANYANWU :  2018 John Christopher Campbell Award for Excellence in Cinematic Arts

My films tackle women’s empowerment, mental health, self acceptance, love, positivity and forgiveness. I plan to move to California to pursue my dream of being a director for both scripted and reality television. I love connecting with people and seeing their growth throughout a shows season. Thank you UMBC for letting me know that my past does not define me or my future, for accepting me and most of all, thank you for making me a stronger woman.


TOMAS LOAYZA :  2018 John Christopher Campbell Award for Excellence in Animation

I am a Filipino-Peruvian animator working in a variety of animation media including physical 2-D, digital 2-D and physical 3-D. But I am most excited about working in digital 3-D animation using software programs, such as AutodeskMaya or Unity, to create worlds for virtual reality or to animate characters to tell a story. I look forward to working in the fields of virtual reality / augmented reality or in the video game industry.


NICOLLE KONKEL:  2018 Department of Visual Arts Award for Excellence in Art History & Museum Studies

For my senior thesis I will explore my interest in museum practice. After graduating from UMBC, I plan to travel abroad continue my studies. My ideal is to live in Europe as a graduate student.


ELA BECK :  2018 Department of Visual Arts Award for Excellence in Print Media

I am a dual degree student in Visual Arts and Media and Communication Studies, with strong ties to Print Media. I spent much of my last couple years at UMBC in the print media studio, producing prints, art books, and zines that focus on visual narrative and documenting the everyday in unusual, satirical, or uncanny ways.  I intend to pursue a graduate degree abroad researching contemporary art and media topics while making my own print and zine work.


SEAN RADASKIEWICZ :  2018 CAPS/YAGER Award for Excellence in Photography

My work is informed by the “Light & Space” movement. This movement explores perception and focuses on self-reflection by inviting viewers of these artworks to delve into their own reticence. At UMBC I served as curator of Hallspace (the photo student gallery), completed internship opportunities, and an Undergraduate Research Award project titled, “Station North Baltimore: Homelessness and The Individual.” I currently work as a studio tech and retoucher in Baltimore with plans to move to Manhattan next year to continue my photographic career. My goal is to work as a freelance editorial photographer in the fields of fashion and interior design.