Print Media

The Print and Intermedia Arts program focuses students on the practice and production of
contemporary art. It offers the creative student the opportunity to pursue an intensive course in
traditional methods of artmaking such as drawing, printmaking, and book arts while exploring more contemporary approaches to fine art such as installation, public art, social practices, 3D fabrication, physical computing, and performance art. A strong foundation in art history and theory is supplemented by discussions of historical, conceptual, and critical approaches to materials. Students will have a solid ability to manipulate a diversity of materials in order to allow forms to emerge from their creative vision. The understanding of the physical and psychological properties of materials and their effect on their environment will consciously be part of the making process. Students in this program will have the opportunity to develop a robust body of independent work to be presented in the senior exhibition.

What can I do with a Concentration in Print Media?

Print Media can lead to a fulfilling career in many fields. Graduates have become artists, printers, illustrators, publishers, teachers, writers, and arts administrators.

Print Media Courses

Visual Arts, Print Media Concentration, B.F.A.
Visual Arts, Print Media Concentration Minor

Print Media Faculty

Irene Chan   Associate Professor