Print Media & Intermedia

The Print Media Emphasis engages new forms of artistic expression through interdisciplinary explorations by mark-making and gesture with bodily, mechanical and technological tools. A strong foundation in art history and theory is supplemented by discussions of historical, conceptual, and critical approaches to print media, providing a framework for investigation into the technical and material aspects of print-based practices. Manual, photographic, and digital print processes are explored, with an emphasis on the fluid manipulation of materials. The Print Media Emphasis allows for a variety of approaches to print practice, incorporating two-and three-dimensional multiples, book arts, installation, performance, documentation, and other hybrid expressions.

What can I do with a Concentration in Print Media?

Print Media can lead to a fulfilling career in many fields. Graduates have become artists, printers, illustrators, publishers, teachers, writers, and arts administrators.

Print Media Courses

Visual Arts, Print Media & Intermedia Concentration, B.F.A.
Visual Arts, Print Media Concentration Minor

Print Media Faculty

Irene Chan   Associate Professor