Print Media

The Print Media Emphasis engages new forms of artistic expression through interdisciplinary explorations by mark-making and gesture with bodily, mechanical and technological tools. A strong foundation in art history and theory is supplemented by discussions of historical, conceptual, and critical approaches to print media, providing a framework for investigation into the technical and material aspects of print-based practices. Manual, photographic, and digital print processes are explored, with an emphasis on the fluid manipulation of materials. The Print Media Emphasis allows for a variety of approaches to print practice, incorporating two-and three-dimensional multiples, book arts, installation, performance, documentation, and other hybrid expressions.

What can I do with a Concentration in Print Media?

Graduates have become artists, printers, illustrators, and publishers, teachers, writers, and arts administrators.

Print Media Courses

Visual Arts, Print Media Concentration Minor

Visual Arts, Print Media Concentration, B.A.

Visual Arts, Print Media Concentration, B.F.A.

Print Media Faculty

Irene Chan   Associate Professor