Undergraduate Program

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees in Visual Arts offer unique opportunities to investigate an array of courses in art history, animation, interactive forms, film, graphic design, photography, video, print media and foundation. The Foundation curriculum provides an interdisciplinary approach, an historical, theoretical perspective and conceptual context for twenty-first century artists, especially as it relates to the various media-art forms.

The BFA Degree requires 72 credit hours in visual arts coursework and provides a more in-depth program of study in six of our concentrations (Animation, Cinematic Arts, Graphic Design, Intermedia, Photography, and Print Media) while also creating the opportunity for interdisciplinary experimentation in other visual arts media. Students who intend to pursue graduate studies or professions in these areas of art should consider choosing this degree.

The BA degree requires 60 visual arts credits and lends more easily to the combination of multiple majors, minors and/or certificate programs and for the selection of coursework from the broad range of disciplines available in a liberal arts setting.