Exit2020 Animation

Josh Conn – Checkmate
Ian Chase – Seekers: Atom and Trixie
Gavin Prather – The Little Things
Joshua Ludlow – Silhouette Painting
Diana Towner – A Meeting
De’Andrea Harmon – Process of Thought
De’Andrea Harmon – Wind
Carllie Foley – Feel, Can’t Speak
Taylor Steen – The Five Stage
Vincent Sica – Aphrodite’s Aberrant Love
Octavia Ashton – Two Passions in One
Hannah Cao – Memory
Hannah Cao – The Grove
Olivia Mills – Creatures in Crisis
Ricardo Grant III – Raph and Archie
Junior Sei – Bursting Your Bubble
Michelle Moore – Moore Ways
Zachary Tambaoan – Good Intentions
Justin Cooper – Transistor
Anwar Glasgow – GRADUATION