The Photography concentration is committed to teaching students the technical, aesthetic, theoretical, and historical aspects of the medium. An emphasis on increasing the student’s visual literacy within the highly mediated visual environment that we inhabit is central to the development of creative work. Courses in digital and traditional imaging, lighting, and camera management lay the foundation from which more advanced conceptual, technical and aesthetic issues are formulated.

In-depth investigations of the history of photography help to articulate the role that the medium has played in visual culture over time. At all levels of coursework, students are encouraged to explore areas of personally generated subject matter as a means of engaging camera, self and environment. Current technological developments in the medium are emphasized at all levels of the photography curriculum along, with darkroom-based tools. Use of photography in conjunction with other media and methods is explored in upper-level courses, including installation, performance and time-based media.

Photography Facilities

The photography facilities contain 20 B&W enlarging stations in a large group darkrooms with traditional tray processing vented at tray level. Two individual darkrooms one equipped with a Jobo tube processor for processing large format negatives and color film. The other is for wet collodion and toning of silver gelatin prints. Plus a large group darkroom for alternative photographic processes. The photography studio is fully equipped with LED, tungsten and strobe lighting units and features an overhead rail support grid and motorized background lifts. Photography has equipment available for checkout: over 30 cameras in all formats, digital and traditional, medium format-twin lens and SLR’s plus 4×5″ monorails with a variety of lenses. Portable tungsten and strobe lighting kits, meters and tripods are also available. Photography’s digital facilities use Macintosh computers with flatbed scanners capable of scanning 35mm to 8×10 inch film sizes.

Photography Courses

Visual Arts, Photography Concentration Minor
Visual Arts, Photography Concentration, B.F.A.

Photography Faculty

Lynn Cazabon   Professor of Art
Calla Thompson   Associate Professor